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“Each of us is compelled by nature to seek an absolute, even those still wrapped up in the finite things, but if we want to fix one’s thoughts on it, it eludes us. It hovers around us eternally, but ... it is only there if one does not have it, as soon as one possesses it, it vanishes. It appears before the soul only at the moment when subjective activity joins the objective in unexpected harmony, which because the unexpected has an advantage over free, desire-less rational cognition to manifest itself as happiness, as illumination, or as revelation. But as soon as this harmony is brought about, reasoning sets in, and the apparition takes flight."  F.W.J. Schelling, Philosophy and Religion (1804)


“ I am simply expanding my efforts upon a maximum of appearances in close correlation with unknown realities. When one is on the plane of concordant appearances one cannot be far from reality, or at least what we can know from it ... your error is to wish to reduce the world to your measure, whereas, by enlarging your knowledge of things, you will find your knowledge of self enlarged.”  Claude Monet (circa 1920)


“The defining visual characteristic of Jackson Pollock’s 1943-1952 Drip Paintings are fractal – bearing the ‘fingerprint’ of  Nature’s patterns.”  Richard P. Taylor, Adam P. Micolich, David Jones, Leonardo  Vol 35, No. 2, pp 203-207 (2002)


“… a large picture is intimate and human ... with a small painting you are outside the experience … but with a large one you are in it ... it isn’t something you command … it is an immediate transaction; it takes you into it …”  Mark Rothko

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