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1982 Café Leico, Hydra, Greece, View Towards the Peloponnese (paintings)

1984 Espace Ovo, Montreal, Photographies 1982-1984

1986 Concordia University, Montreal, Selected Photographs

1994 Centre Zen de la Main, Montreal, Color Photographs

1998 Galerie Mistral, Montreal, Traces (photographs)

2000 Cote St. Luc Public Library, Montreal, The Unknown History of Objects (photographs)

2001 The Canadian Center of Architecture, Montreal, Asphalt Poems

2001 Rancho Chimayo, Santa Fe, 20 Revelations (photographs)

2002 Centre Ozias Leduc, St. Hilaire, The Gravity of Light

2003 Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Re-Presentations (photographs)

2003 Winchester Galleries, Victoria, Vancouver Island Images (photographs)

2004 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, Selected Iris Prints (photographs)

2005 Usine-C, Montreal, 7 Images (photographs)

2008 The Superior Café, Victoria, Recent Paintings

2014 Galerie 203, Taos, Memory Screens & Flowers Imagined (paintings)

2015 Elmore Gurd Contemporary, Santa Fe, Shimmerings (paintings)

2016 McCord Museum, Montreal, Montreal Mansions 1974 (photographs)

2018 La Rotonde, Simiane-La-Rotonde, France, Searchlights (paintings)

2020 Webster Collection, Santa Fe, Galisteo Basin Ghosts (photographs)

2021 Webster Collection, Santa Fe, Selected Paintings

2021 Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, Orderly Chaos (paintings)

2022 Concordia university, Montreal, 4 Portfolios Donation (photographs)

2022 La Rotonde, Simiane-La-Rotonde, France, La Montagne Saint-Victoire (photographs)

2022 L'Eglise Haute Banon, France, Akasha (paintings)

2023 McGill University, School of Population and Global Health, Montreal (photographs)

2023 Webster Collection, Santa Fe, Orderly Chaos 2 (paintings)

2024 Aurelia Gallery, Santa Fe, Moons, Monoliths and Atmospheres (paintings)


B.A. (psychology), McGill University; M.Arch., Rice University

Former Editor, The McGill Daily Supplement, The McGill News; Editor, The American Academy in Rome Newsletter; Architect (partial employment history: I.M. Pei and Partners, New York; The Office of Charles and Ray Eames, Los Angeles; Arthur Erickson Architects, Vancouver)


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